Legal Survey,  Engineering Survey,  Land Development and Construction


The following are  descriptions of detail services provided across the Greater Toronto Area. 

Cadastral Surveys (Legal Survey): 

 - Legal SRPR Plan

 - Reference Plan

 - Subdivision Plan

 - Condominium Plan

 - Property Lines / Fence Stake Out

Engineering Surveys: 

 - Topographic Detail Survey

 - Construction Lay Out for Building, Road, Curbs,Pipeline, Storm, Shorelines,Sanitary Sewers, Grid Lines, ...

 - Site and Grading Design

 - Quantity Survey, Volume Determination

 - Underground Survey

 - Monitoring Structures

 - Bridge Survey, Set Out: Piers, Arch and Approach Apans, Abutments 

 - Monitoring

 - Engineering Design

 - Drone Survey:

   -- Aerial Surveying 

   -- Aerial Inspection

   -- Volume Analysis

   -- Elevation / Surface Modelling

   -- Construction Site Images/video and Landfill monitoring

Land  Development and Building Permits: 

  - Severance and development application

  - Building Permit Application: Addition to House, Garden Suite, Pools, New House

  - Land Information and Project Land Survey Consult:

    --Title Search, Boundary Survey

    -- Land Use Planning, Environmental Assessment


 - Construction

 - Construction Management

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