This page provides more information on our projects. Our clients including Toronto District School Board, Plan Group, Pegah Construction Ltd. and Ministry of Enviornment. For additional questions about our projects, feel free to call us at 416-219-9956 or to contact us via the Contact Form.

Water main system for city of Vaughan

Stake out new water main from Keele street to Canadian National Railway on Major Mackenzie Drive.

The pipeline being staked out in NAD83 CSRS. In this project state of the art, GPS RTK Leica unit being used.

Township of Erin (Environmental Survey)

Topographic survey of 85 Acre in 1:1000 scale; delineating conservation regulatory limits, and wetlands and floodplains; designing grades, ponds, access roads, truck parking area, and topsoil depot location; designing optimum slope according to the by-law, the terrain of the land and environmental criteria.


Hamilton Recreational Trail and Waterfront Link Pedestrian Bridge

All horizontal coordinates were in the grid system and the vertical coordinates were derived from nearby town benchmarks.

A 220m steel bridge over the QEW Highway near Hamilton, including three piers, two abutments, one arch, and two spans, as well as four kilometers of trail.